The Mother Road - Route 66, 2010 by DaveWyman
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  2. The Mother Road - Route 66, 2010The Mother Road - Route 66, 2010
Spooky Lights Along Route 66
Sunset over Route 66, Seligman
Bottle Farm at Sunset
The Tree of Lost Souls Sits Patiently Along the Mother Road
Cactus at Roys
Cholla Cactus Needles Find a New Home
Cholla Cactus
Dog at Toms
Dog at the Historic Echo Ranch
Dog on the Counter at Peggy Sues Dinner
Dog and Airstream Trailer, Newberry Springs, California
Lazy Dog at the Hackberry Store
Shadow Sheep
Noble-Looking Burro
Tourist with Burro, Seligman
Downtown Seligman
Burros at the Hackberry Store
Ador Farm Cows, Barstow
Daggett Cemetery
Cemetery, Daggett, California
Reputed Childrens Cemetery, Amboy, CA
Its About the Power
Tiki Outside of Kingman
I Have No Idea What this is About
Supai Motel at Dusk
So You Know Where You Are
Reflection at the Salt Works
Going to dinner at the Supai Motel
Flipped Reflection
At Toms
Reflection at Toms Welding and Machine Shop
Motel Next to the Bagdad Cafe
Behind the Bagdad Cafe
Looking in and out at Roys Cafe
Same Reflection as above, in Close-up
Strange Reflection
Near the Route 66 Museum
What is Reality?
At Roys
Tourists with Cameras
Eyeing Each Other
Kingman, AZ, Gunshop
Richard in a Lava Tube
Clay and his Horse
Clay, the Cowboy
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