Autumn in Yosemite, 2008 by DaveWyman
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Reflections in the Bus Window, Yosemite Lodge
I made one of my last photographs of the trip near Yosemite Lodge, where several parked buses reflected the colors of autumn in their windows.
Artist Painting Along the Merced River
The Artist, Leidig Meadow
Flipped Image of the Swinging Bridge
If this photograph is a bit disconcerting, it should be. I flipped the image upside down - the pebbles that appear to hang from the bottom of the bridge are really sitting on top of the reflection of the bridge.
Dogwood and Pines
Dogwood Leaves Over Half Dome
Ahwahnee Bridge
Early Morning at Yosemite Lodge
Late Light Over Half Dome
Another Kiss at Galcier Point
The Kiss - Glacier Point
Late Light Over Half Dome
Photographing Half Dome
Watchers, Glacier Point
Photographer Before Half Dome
Tall is a Relative Thing
How Tall Are These Sequoia?
Base of a Giant Sequoia, Wawona
Buck, Wawona Meadow
Merced River
Along Highway 140
Foresta Barn and Gate
Milkweed Seeds - Foresta
Interior, Foresta Crib Barn
Roof and Moon, Foresta
Roof Line, Foresta Barn
Foresta Barn Interior
Superindendents Home
Milkweed Pods
Black Cottonwood Leaves in the Merced River Behind Yosemite Lodge
Mered River - Flipped Reflection
To me, this photograph has an almost painterly feel.
Half Dome, Flipped in Reflection of the Merced River
Early Morning, Half Dome in the Distance
Dogwood at Yosemite Lodge
Sugar Maple in Indirect Light
Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple Near Yosemite Chapel
Special Rainbow, Bridalveil Fall
Leaves at Fern Spring
Fern Spring
Fern Spring (sometimes referred to as Yosemite's smallest waterfall) is of my favorite locations in the park. The water flows languidly here in autumn.
Reflection, Gates of the Valley
Along the Merced
Gates of the Valley, Merced River
Near Gates of the Valley
Merced River near El Capitan Meadow
Space Aliens, Flipped in Reflection in the Merced River
Flowers on the Front Porch of the Ansel Adams Gallery
Aspen Leaves
Autumn Oak Leaves
North Dome
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