Sierra Nevada East Side - 2009 by DaveWyman
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At Twin Lakes
Dawn at Twin Lakes
Hot Spring Under Flashlight Conditions
As per the earlier photograph, this is the hot spring above the little town of Bridgeport. Chuck Nadeau receives major credit for his photograph, which I worked on with him. It was his vision and his camera and his push to visit the hot spring and so it's mostly his photograph.
Hot Spring on a Cold Night
Trip participant Chuck Nadeau wanted to visit hot spring in the hills east of Bridgeport. He queried our group to see if anyone wanted to join him.

There was only one person willing enough to accompany Chuck.

It started off well - we had a map and the first turn came up about a half mile out of town, off of Highway 395. "This must be the dirt road!" Chuck enthused, turning onto a dirt track that looked passable by someone on foot equipped with grappling hooks.

"Are you sure, Chuck? It doesn't look like anyone's driven up this road in a while."

"Yeah, the map says a dirt road with a fence line on our left. This has to be it!"

Somehow, perhaps through the graces of the God I don't believe in, we topped out in Chuck's little Honda after a mile of slipping and sliding on a dirt track that. After turn around and surviving the downhill portion of the ride, we turned back onto what we were sure was the right road, only to find ourselves inexplicably back at Highway
Sierra Abstract 2
Sierra Abstract 1
Sierra East Side - June Lake Loop
Quiet Time along the June Lake Loop
Fossilized Cephalopods Searching for Krill
Not Easily Titled
Leaves in Repose
Leaf, Rock, Water, Reflection - June Lake Loop
Passing Time Well
Along the June Lake Loop
The Culvert in Lee Vining Canyon
Looking Up Out of Lee Vining Canyon
Edge of Mono Lake
Mono Lake Reflection
Tufa Towers at Mono Lake
Mono Lake Dawn
An Odd Sense of Motel Decoration
Ed, the innkeeper, has an eclectic collection of "art" at his wonderful Bridgeport Motel.
Near Virginia Lakes
Stump at Virginia Lakes
At Virginia Lakes
Lundy Lake Resort
Aspen Leaf
Cascade Above Lundy Lake
Gnawed Logs Above Lundy Lake
Beaver Pond Above Lundy Lake
Reflective Moment, Bodie
WIndow Art, Bodie
Knothole Ready for its Close-Up
Bodie Window Reflection
Wheel and Posts, Bodie
Windows, Bodie
Window in the Church, Bodie
Old Building, Bodie
Gate Guard at the Ghost Town of Bodie
Door Handle on an Old Car, Bodie
Near the East Walker River
Puddle in a Dirt Road
Found along the E. Walker River
Weeds Near the East Walker River
Cottonwoods on Highway 182
Along the East Walker River
Dawn Near Conway Summit
Bridgeport Reservoir
Ken Rockwell Introduces His Leica to A Nikon
Dawn Over Mono Lake
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