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There is Still Gold in Gold Rush Country
What a glorious end to the day. I had only to point my camera and depress the shutter. All the elments were there: a beautiful scene, a leading line, a small-enough f/stop to put everything in focus.
Overlooking Upper Bidwell Park
Chuck Photographs BIg Chico Creek Canyon
Wildflowers in Upper Bidwell Park
Wildflower in Bloom, Upper Bidwell Park
Even at f/8, at this magnification, the background is blurred sufficiently to put emphasis on the flowers.
Bidwell Park Ranger Shane Romane
Steve at the Honey Run Covered Bridge
Field of Lupines, Table Mountain (Above the Town of Oroville)
Creek and Wildflowers, Oregon City
This is another scene found by one of our participants, Steve Johnson. Colors were saturated in my computer; this was, after all, gold country.
Oregon City Covered Bridge
Ravi pointed out to me that this position not only made for a nice photograph, but obscured an annoying road sign, too.
Cherokee - Former Gold Rush Town
For me, the yellow line matches up nicely with the yellow building. My camera's lens was pointed to low minimize the gray, overly bright sky; then, with my photo program, I cloned some of the trees into the background to obscure the portion of sky that was still visible.
Honey Run Road Covered Bridge
Self Portrait, Sierra Nevada Brewery
My Reflection at the Sierra Nevada Brewery
This is what I saw through the viewfinder of my camera as I pointed the lens toward the window, and focused on one of the curved vats of beer inside the building.
Wet Rose at Chico State
A large f/stop - f/2 - ensured a blurred background, which put the emphasis foremost on the color of the rose and the drops of water.
Rose, Chico State Campus
It had been a quite rainy morning, and it was raining still as a couple of us made photographs of the flowers in the Chico State rose garden.
Bidwell Mansion in the Reflection of Our Van Window
Detail, Wall Lamp Fixture, Bidwell Mansion
Washing Board, Bidwell Mansion
Annie Bidwells Egg Beater
Detail of Table Decoration, Bidwell Mansion
Piano - Bidwell Mansion
Almonds in Jar, Bidwell Mansion
Bidwell Mansion, Reflected in a Puddle of Rain
Having lived in Chico for a while, and having visited the town often over the past several years, I've photographed the signature mansion many times. This time I came up with another way to do it, although I practically had to lay on my belly to do it.
Leaf and Walkway, Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park
Fireweed at Pulga
Falling-Down Building, Pulga
Another image Richard found.
Old Building at Pulga
Old Building, Pulga
The Auto and Train Bridges at Pulga, Along the Feather River Canyon
The original photograph, made under cloudy skies, was fairly washed out. I added contrast and pumped up the vibrancy of the colors, and saturated the green a bit. The interesting bridges were enhanced, I think, by the lucky s-curve of the train tracks. I'm not sure why the s-curve is touted as a worthy addition to a photograph; I suppose it helps lead the eye to the main subject or, in this case, subjects.
At the Handly Ranch, Taylorsville
Girl and her Lamb, Taylorsville
Dandelions and Barn, Taylorsville, California
Using a small aperture, f/22, let me keep the barn in the background in focus enough to know what it was.
Camera Collection, Taylorsville Museum
Lampshade, Sierra City
Bridge over the Yuba River, Downieville
The Office of the Sixteen to One Mine, Downieville
Richard in reflection as we walked the streets of Downieville. On a Monday morning, we nine photographers were about the only people out and about.
Motorcyclists in Downieville
Motorcyclist in Downieville
Downieville, California
Cherokee Hydraulic Mining Site
A Monitor (Water Canon) at Malikoff Diggings State Park
Water canons washed a hold in the mountains that was 1,000 feet long, 700 feet wide, and 300 feet deep. Debris clogged the San Francisco Bay and raised the bottom of the Yuba River higher than the cities of Yuba and Marysville, which lie on either side of it in the Sacramento Valley; levees still hold back the water.
At Malakoff Diggins State Park
Hydraulic mining in the 1870s and early 1880s eroded vast areas of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The most massive was, and is, at Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park. So much mud was washed down the creeks and rivers that it impeded ship traffic in the San Francisco Bay and raised the Yuba River bottom higher than the surrounding cities of Yuba and Marysville, where today levies still hold back the water.
We Meet New Friends
Richard Explores the Edge of the Yuba River
Edwards Crossing Bridge Over the South Fork of the Yuba River
Unnamed Creek Near Edwards Crossing Bridge
Usually a 6th of a second or longer exposure is enough to capture a sense of movement in the water of a creek.
Old Gas Pump, Empire Mine
Roofs at trhe Empire Mine
Rivet Covers, Empire Mine
I found Richard Burns, one of our group, photographing the rivet covers, and I copied, probably not as well, his vision.
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