Yosemite in Winter - 2007 by DaveWyman
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Horsetail Fall, Natures Firefall
As the sun continues setting, and ever after it sets, the water can warm in color, sometimes turning a deep crimson. That didn't happen on my outing to photograph the fall, however I'm not going to complain about what I saw and what I was able to photograph.
Horsetail Fall on Fire at Sunset
For a few minutes at the end of the day, during the last two weeks of February, Horsetail Fall can turn to gold. The dramatic color comes when the sun sets at an oblique angle to the flow of water.
Sentinel Rock at Sunset
Snow Scene Near Curry Village
Snow Plasters the Granite Cliff, Curry Village
Oaks below Cathedral
El Capitan Meadow, Cathedral Rock
Trees, Snow on Cathedral Rock
Along Northside Road - When A Color Photograph is Black and White
I used to think the only worthwhile photographs of nature were those that were far from civilization. Then I thought nature photographs had to exclude signs of civilization, even if they were made near a road or buildings or dams or whatever. I used to believe I had to use a tripod to make a photograph I would like.
Oaks and Half Dome #3
Oaks and Half Dome #2
Oaks and Half Dome
Half Dome from Residence One
North Dome and the Moon
Mist Forms Above Yosemite Valley
Snow Play
Bridalveil and Cathedral Rocks
Fireplace, Ahwahnee Hotel
Snow Sublimating on Yosemite Chapel
With my lens at telephoto mode, and the help of the sun behind the snow, I could literally see solid objects turn to vapor. I'm not religious, but there was something religious about the transformation I witnessed taking place at a house of worship, in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Snow Blows off Yosemite Chapel
Scene at Foresta
Barns at Foresta
Foresta Barn
Cascade at the Mountain Bar
Snow from the previous day (and night's) storm melted off in torrents from the roof of the Mountain Bar, where we'd taken temporary shelter, to play "Catafanga Scrabble" (don't ask) and partake of various libations. I was demonstrating some point about photography, without concern for the subject, when I realized I had one, even if I was sitting on a stool in a bar.
Reflection in a Camper Shell Window
American Indian Grinding Hole
Snow on the Rocks
Oak Leaves and Pine Needles
Snow Falls Over Pines
In Front of the Ansel Adams Gallery
Winter Light
Ice on the Merced River
Icicles at Tunnel View
Fern Spring
Bridalveil Fall
On Highway 41
Southern Walls of Yosemite Valley
This is the view from El Capitan Meadow, looking to the left of Cathedral Rocks.
Raven at El Capitan Meadow
Raven Shakes off Snow
Raven, Snowstorm, Yosemite
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