Winter in Yosemite - 2011 by DaveWyman
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Water Bottles in the Mountaineering Store - Hipstmatic
Snow-capped Granite Boulder - Hipstmatic
Peering Inside the Wawona Tunnel - Hipstmatic
Icicles at the Entrance to the Wawona Tunnel - Hipstmatic
Ken Rockwell In a Time Warp
Ken made many of his photographs with a half-century old Leica film camera. For his dedication to preserving an ancient craft, I gave his portrait a retro Hipstamatic treatment.
Another Take of El Cap with the help of the Hipstamatic App
El Capitan, Hipstamatic Style
The Hipstamatic Version of Winter Over Yosemite
Note the faux date on the border of the "print" - this is an option with the Hipstamatic app.
Base of Yosemite Falls - Hipstmatic
Royal Arches and North Dome - Hipstamatic
Face in the Window - with the help of the Hipstamatic App
The Stoneman Bridge and a Pink Umbrella - Hipstmatic
Is this art? I'm not sure. Certainly it goes beyond the snapshot.
Winter cools off the barn at Foresta - Hipstmatic
Along the Merced
Winter over Yosemite Valley
Clearing Storm Over a Yosemite Spire
Sunset over El Capitan
Fire in the Sky
Frozen Horsetail Fall Shimmers in Afternoon Light
View at El Portal, below the Park
Winter Scene in Yosemite
Base of Bridalveil Fall
El Capitan
Yosemites Monumental Cliffs of Granite
Along the Merced River
Rocks and Ice
Looking into Yosemite Creek
Reflection in the Merced River
Winter Over Yosemite
Snow falls over the Stoneman Bridge
Danger, Will Robinson!
My Favorite of the Gallery - Lower Yosemite Falls
This might be my favorite image of the gallery.
Yosemite Valley the Morning After a Storm
Tunnel View
Except for cropping the image, this is straight out of my iPhone's camera.
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