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Original Building
I probably had a class in one of the rooms in this buildling. How much have those trees grown since 1955, when I most likely made this photograph?
The Crossing Guard
Classic Schwinn!
Ms. Newmark, Paul Reinauer, and me?
Student Teacher
Miss Nagamo
Ms. Walker - 2nd Grade Teacher
The 4th Grade Classroom - Overview
My 4th Grade Teacher
If only I could recall my teacher's name! She wasn't my favorite - maybe because she expected more than other teachers did form us.
Mrs Oklar and Paul Reinauer
How nice to find this photograph of lovely Mrs. Oklar and my friend, Paul. I lost touch with Paul long ago, but I would like to know what he's up to.
Mr. Sparti and friends
My favorite teacher at Clover Ave. - maybe of all the teachers I've ever had.

I think Tim Johnson, a very cool kid, is on the left (Mr. Sparti's right).
Four Kids on the Way to School
I'm guessing we're on our way to Clover Ave. Elementary School. That's me on the left, next to my heartthrob, Debbie Sills. WHERE is Debbie!?! Of course, I've been married to my wonderful wife, Kathy, for almost a quarter of a century. On the far right is my next door neighbor, Ted Sykes, who I believe still lives in southern California. To this day I can't keep my shirt tucked into my pants.
Kids on the Block
That Ted Sykes and Peter Syke, my next door neighbor (we lived at 2814 Veteran Avenue - we moved in 1958 after the state purchased our home to make way for the Santa Monica Freeway). I think that's Larry next to Peter, but I can't quite remember. On the far right is Steve Polivka. I'm not sure if I have the spelling right, and I'd like to find Steve.
Kids and the 4th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Goldstein? I just can't remember my 4th grade teacher's name! Well, it was only about 47 years ago. I think the girl on the left in the white dress is Jackie Mann, the girl on the lower left is Patricia.
Kids and Student Teacher
Was this my class? I recognize a couple of kids; this looks like the third grade.
The Kids and Mr. Sparti
Who are all those kids? They are tantalizingly familiar. Hmmm....I think I recognize Joel Axelrod, two left from Mr. Sparti, with the flat top haircut. Howie - is that the kid with the hat and black shirt, in the middle? I don't see myself, so I must be the photographer. Also, when was this picture made? I thought I had Mr. Sparti in the 5th grade, but I'd noted in my photo album that this was the 3rd grade. Are these 3rd or 5th grade kids? Let me know what you think, Cloverites.
Boys in Second Grade
Second Grade, Girls. Ms. Walkers class, 1955?
Upper right: Patricia

Second from the right, one row down from the top: Linda Campbell.

I can't remember any of the other girls, but I wouldn't mind knowing who they are. If you know, let me know, too!
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