Yosemite's Waterworks, Spring, 2010 by DaveWyman
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Another View of Half Dome in Reflection
Half Dome Reflection
Half Dome in Gordons Eye Glass
Photographing Half Dome with Cell Phone Cameras
Half Dome in Reflection in Cooks Meadow in Williams Eye
That's me in reflection, as well as Half Dome. The reflecting pool visible in the prior photograph is there, too.

To make this image, I reversed the 35mm lens on my camera, which gave me greater than 1:1 magnification.
Half Dome in Reflection in Cooks Meadow
Reflections in a Pond in Cooks Meadow (Image Flipped)
Cooks Meadow Reflection of Yosemite Falls
Reflections in Cooks Meadow
No Cares at the Wawona Hotel
Lampshade Decorated with Sequoia Cones, Wawona Hotel
Crib Barn, Foresta, Yosemite
Swinging Bridge, Wawona
Fern Spring
Cascade Creek, Yosemite
Deer Near Yosemite Lodge
Oaks Near the Ansel Adams Gallery
Headstone of Galen Clark
Dogwood at the Ahwahnee Hotel
Two of The Three Brothers
Double Exposure - Rainbow at Yosemite Falls
A rainbow appearing in the mist at the base of Yosemite Falls was also visible in a pool of water.
Rainbow Over Yosemite
The colors of the rainbow that stretched across the Valley were amplified in the waters of Bridalveil Fall.
Rainbow Over Yosemite Valley
El Capitan in Reflection
Upper Yosemite Fall Reflected in a Sidewalk Puddle at Yosemite Lodge
Ice and Grass on the Edge of the Swollen Merced River
Reflections in the Merced River
Reflections and Ice in the Merced River
Ice and Reflections on the Merced River
Ice Flows on the Surface of the Merced River
Ice Surrounds Upper Yosemite Fall
Bridalveil Fall After a Late Spring Snowfall
Morning After a Spring Snowfall
The snow was fast melting, and steam rose off the cliffs, after a night of roiled weather in and above Yosemite Valley.
Morning Over Yosemite
This was one of the views we found on arriving at the Tunnel View.
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