Route 66, California - Barstow to Amboy - 2008 by DaveWyman
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  2. Route 66, California - Barstow to Amboy - 2008Route 66, California - Barstow to Amboy - 2008
Fading Light at the Bone Yard
The Bone Yard
At the Bone Yard - Graveyard for Trucks
Johnny Rebs Restaurant
Last Stand for the Air Stream
Grill - Ford Truck
An Abandoned Gas Station
Irrigation Equipment
But Can It Fly? - Irrigation Equipment
Reflection of Historic Casa Desierto, Barstow
Reflection in a Trucks Wheel Guard
Cracked School Bus Window
Motel Office
The Last Pay Phone
Our Waitress At Peggy Sues 50s Diner
Our Waitress at the Bagdad Cafe
Sugar Packets - Johnny Rebs, Victorville
Old Building Along Route 66
Desert Market
Morning Line-Up
A Fence at Glows but not in Brooklyn
Salt Flat
Tom Jr.
Ready for his Close-UP
Tom in Front of His Flag
Unfurling the Flag
Reflection of a Photographer
Turning His Back on Civilization
The Welder
Unmovable Mobile Horses
Remember When Gas was 35 cents per gallon?
An Old Sign in Last Light
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