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Foggy Night in Los Angeles
Coastal Bike Rides
Trek Émonda
Yosemite's Natural Fire Fall
Fearless Photographer: Nature
Had Camera, Did Travel - 2015 in Review
Italy by Bike 2015
The Wildflower Century - Chico, California, 2015
Getting High on Haleakala
A Photograph On Occasion
Yosemite, Selected Images, 2014
Route 66 - 2015
Navajo Country - 2014
A Ride Up Stelvio Pass, Italy
The Un-Yellowstone/Teton Photography Tour, 2013
Clover Avenue Elementary School
The Swingin' 60s - An Eyewitness Account
Homage Galleries
It's Hip to Be Square
Indian Country Galleries
Holiday Festivals of Los Angeles
The Mother Road - The Route 66 Galleries
California Galleries
Mountain Home - Photography Amongst the Giant Sequ
The Oregon Galleries
An August Ascent of Mt. Sill
The Tidelands of South Carolina
Yellowstone Country - Autumn, 2007
The Magic of Autumn - Yosemite, 2006
Sierra Nevada East Side - Autumn, 2006
Zion, Bryce and Las Vegas - A Photography Tour
Death Valley Haikus - Winter, 2007
Yosemite in Winter - 2007
Emigrant Highways - San Joaquin Valley, California
The Glory of Yosemite - Spring, 2007
Winter in Yosemite - 2008
Steinbeck Country
Death Valley 2008
Yellowstone Country - Autumn, 2008
Mono Lake, Bodie Ghost Town and Autumn Colors - Si
Autumn in Yosemite, 2008
Route 66, California - Barstow to Amboy - 2008
Route 66 - Barstow to Amboy, California - 2009
San Diego Natural History Museum - Death Valley -
Land of Fire and Ice - The Cascades and Northern C
Return to Steinbeck Country
Point Reyes National Seashore, California - Previe
Rapha Continental -The Navajo Nation Ride
Beyond the Snapshot: The Point Reyes Peninsula
Yellowstone Country 2009
Yosemite in Autumn - October, 2009
Sierra Nevada East Side - 2009
Indian Country and the Southwestern United States
The Southwest - Canyon Lands and Indian Country, 2
The Mother Road - Route 66, 2010
Family Camping Trip Galleries
The Fargo Street Hill Climb, Version 2010
California's Gold Rush Country
Yosemite's Waterworks, Spring, 2010
The Central Coast of California - 2010
Mule Pack to the High Sierra
Point Reyes, Tomales Bay, Petaluma - 2010
Sierra Nevada East Side - 2010
Winter in Yosemite - 2011
IPhonic Imagery
Death Valley - Spring, 2011
En Plein Air: The Central Coast of California
Steinbeck Country 2011
City of Angels - Photojournalism
Oregon Photo Tour/Ken Rockwell Homage - 2012
Yosemite - Selected Images, 2014
These photographs have been made with my iPhone, with the help of some iPhone-specific apps. The photographs were inspired by the Chase Jaravis book, "The Best Camera," by a Ken Rockwell seminar, and by Chuck Nadeau, one of the participants on my recent trip to the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

My iPhone will join me in earnest on my photography tours. Although I won't put away my "serious" cameras, I'll explore the creative potential of the iPhone, and report here on my progress from time to time.

The Chase Jarvis book of iPhone photography and the application developed in conjunction with the book are here.
Meditation with Buddha and Bicycle
Not Such a Small Carbon Footprint
On the road for a bike ride around Canyon de Chelly Naitonal Monument, AZ.
What I Saw on My Bike Ride Today
Looking Down the Hall
Range Rover Reflection
A house in the South Carthay neighborhood of Los Angeles is reflected in the window of a car.
The Duplex Around the Corner
Monolith, Mono Lake
This strange "tufa tower" at Mono Lake waits patiently for morning light.
Dawn at Mono Lake
Cathedral Rocks, Yosemite
Along the Banks of the Merced River, Yosemite
Flower Pot
Going Green: Cactus in Place of Grass
Pumpkins, Lee Vining, California
Karima Reed Memorial Photo
If found this plant in front of an apartment building, just off of famed Melrose Ave., in Los Angeles.
A Neighborhood Gardener
Interrupted from His Walk
Leonard, Worts and All
Taking a Break (Hair Stylists, Just off Melrose Blvd., in Los Angeles)
The House Painters
Woman with Bandana
My neighbor Ralph and his 54 Chevy Truck
He Channels Johnny Depp Channeling Hunter Thompson
The afternoon of Halloween found me on my bike on the Ballona Creek bike path, a concrete channel running through the western portions of the city to the sea. Beneath the Overland Avenue bridge, a group of young men congregated in the late afternoon light. One of them, in costume, posed for me. "Who do I look like?" he asked me. He looked just like Johnny Depp, who played the part of gonzo-journalist Hunter Thompson, in the film "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," based on Thompson's book. The kid not only looked like Depp, he sounded like him. He had even read "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," portions of which he quoted to me.

I want to believe that Hunter Thompson himself - if not Johnny Depp - would have posed like this for me.
My New Friend
Guides at Monument Valley
This is a prize winner in the 2010 Adorama iPhone photography contest. It's also one of my favorite photographs.

A Quiet Place at Arches National Park
Where Others Have Gone Before Me
The iPhone with Macro Photography - Use Caution!
Implements of Torture
Making Sure Shes Safe
Plastic visor, mask, gloves (in reflection) - she's protecting herself while working on my mouth.
Monster Teeth
Phil Douglis at Dinner, Phoenix, Arizona
At McDonalds, Somewhere Between Phoenix and Flagstaff
Cafe, Gallup, New Mexico
Sunrise Over the Garden of Desert Delights
On His Afternoon Amble
Toward Tejon Pass on Interstate 5
A few days after it snowed in the mountains of Southern California, I made my way north, to visit with friends old and new in the northern reaches of the Golden State. While ahead clouds and rain awaited my arrival, for now the way was illuminated by the hauntingly beautiful light of the autumn sun.
River of Tears
Rain fell over the Sacramento River, in northern half of the state, as I made my way home from a quick visit to my college town, Chico, California. As my spiritual lodestone, the place I consider my heart's true home, Chico is my Paradise Lost, my nostalgic past and my occasional present, the place where my inner compass will always point.

This visit to Chico was spent with friends old and new, as I explored places I had been to long ago, as well as places I've never been. It was the journey I wanted, a holiday gift to myself like no other.
The Alley After the Storm
May Company Department Store
Now part of the Los Angeles County Art Museum
Still Life: Bananas, Tangerines, and a Lemon
Poppies - Los Angeles
A Rainy Night in Los Angeles, Viewed from my Car
Chili Chees Fries!
Part of my dinner at the iconic "The Hat" diner, in Pasadena, during the Route 66 photography workshop. We'll do it all again next year (only I'll probably skip the french fries if we return to the Hat).
We had a great time at the Wig-Wam Motel, Wish You Were Here
Our photography group spent a night at the iconic Wig-Wam Motel, as part of our Route 66 tour. This old truck, which sits in rusting retirement at the rear of the motel, must have been a fine enticement for travelers back in the day.
Morning at the Wig-Wam Motel
Abandoned Hudson Terraplane Near Planada, California
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