The Magic of Autumn - Yosemite, 2006 by DaveWyman
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Crib Barn Interior, Foresta
Someone in our group commented that the interior of the historic barn, which dates to the early 1870s, looks like the interior of a place of worship. I agree.
The Ghost in the Crib Barn
How did we do it? Or is this really the ghost of Ken Rockwell?
National Park Service Lock, Foresta
Room with a Curtained View - Wawona Hotel
The Balcony at the Wawona Hotel
The Tree in Stoneman Meadow
Yosemite - Beauty in its Smallest Waterfall
Autumn leaves decorate Fern Spring. It's right next to the road, but hardly anyone - other than knowing photographers - think to stop.
A Moment of Infinite Zen - Monk at Tunnel View
A grab shot. The lights in the tunnel are - to the human eye - green. From experience, I knew the lights would be the color of the monk's robe in my camera. Why the color changes in a photograph is a mystery to me.
While we were photographing the beautiful rainbow on Bridalveil Fall, a rescue team arrived. Why were they there - a practice mission? An injury? The rescue team would not say. We would not learn what had happened until the next morning: the sad mission of the team was to recover the body of Todd Skinner, once of the best rock climbers in the world. He had fallen to his death, while rapelling off a spire out of our view, a few minutes before our arrival at the base of the fall.
Vicki Near Bridalveil Fall
The Rainbow on Bridalveil Fall
Close-Up on Half Dome
Late Light Over Half Dome
Ground Fog on an Early Morning Walk
Early Light on Yosemite Granite
Granite Walls Near a Dry Yosemite Falls
Chapel Steeple
Backlit Dogwood Leaf
Isadora in a Contemplative Moment
Looking Up From Our Lunch Table
Photographs are where you find them - including this one, made by pointing my camera up from our lunch table, outside of Degnan's Deli.
Oak Leaves Near the Stoneman Bridge
Half Dome Framed by Oak Branches
The Eye Has It - Half Dome on the Ball
Half Dome in reflection, from Glacier Point.
Half Dome in Andreas Glasses
Mountain Light
Sentinel Rocks from El Capitan Meadow - my homage photograph to one of my culture heroes, Galen Rowell.
Ken Rockwell
Photo instructor Ken Rockwell, at Glacier Point.
Photographers in Reflection
Photograpers are pictured in reflection as they walk along the Merced River, with El Capitan in the background.
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