Death Valley Haikus - Winter, 2007 by DaveWyman
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Water on the Desert, Near Furnance Creek
There is a fair amount of water in Death Valley, at least in the winter, and even in dry years. Most visitors never see water, though it's easy enough to see for those willing to look.
Self Propelled Steam Engine, Furnance Creek
Mud Hills
Late Afternoon in Titus Canyon
Lichen on Rocks at Dantes View
Approaching Titus Canyon
Let go of the world
Angling for a Hole In One at the Devils Golf Course
The Tour Guide Takes A Smoke
Grasp with dainty touch,
Beard of the Desert Rat
Tour Guide at the Bottle House
First autumn morning:
Buildings, Rhyolite
The Bottle House, Rhyolite
Drink all of the beer
Rain Gutter at Train Depot, Rhyolite
Lonely green gutter,
Lamp, Rhyolite Train Depot
When lost in the dark,
Torn Screen at Rhyolite Train Depot
Torn Screen at Leadville (Abandoned Mining Camp)
Even memories
Sunlight Reflected in Salt Creek
Light knows how to dance,
Palms in Reflection
At the Furnace Creek Oasis
Lost in the desert.
Mini Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes Under Soft Light - #2
Sand Dunes Under Soft Light
Small Person, Large Dune
Morning Dune
Dune Shadows
Softly rounded shapes
Sand Dune Panoramic Near Stovepipe Wells
A mountain of dunes
Life Finds a Way
A plant pushes itself up out of a crack in the dried mud, a few miles north of Furnance Creek.
Cactus Spines, at Hells Gate
Barbed and dangerous,
Rising up like dreams
Gold Cups, Before the Bloom and After the Bloom
Dry stalks do still stand,
Feeding Time
Gold Cup
Circles in circles
Creosote Bloom #2
Creosote Bloom (Reversed 50mm Lens)
Kildeer at the Salt Creek Oasis
Search in the salt marsh
Dining Al Fresco, Wildrose Canyon
Why fear eating plants?
Raven Near Stovepipe Wells
Raven Over Death Valley
Winter, Death Valley
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