Route 66 - Barstow to Amboy, California - 2009 by...
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  2. Route 66 - Barstow to Amboy, California - 2009Route 66 - Barstow to Amboy, California - 2009
After the Rain
Casa Desierto, Barstow, California
Road Houses, Amboy, California
Sand Dune Ruins, Barstow, California
Roys Cafe and Motel - Amboy, California
Sunset and Crane at the Salt Works
Elmers Bottle Farm
Outdoor Office
Pipes at the Salt Works
Jackson Pollack (Paint and Rust on Folding Chair)
After the Rain
At the Salt Works #2
At the Salt Works
Drying Mud
Mosaic Angel (Shattered Glass)
Cemetery, Daggett, California
Mythology of the Afternoon Light
At the Bagdad Cafe
The Welder
Photographed at Tom's Welding and Machine Shop, Barstow, California
Marilyn Calls
Emerging from the Abyss
Tom Jr.
Abandoned Truck, Salt Works
Rumbling West
The Magic Bus
Hood Ornament
Moonrise over Route 66
Rabbit Wreck
Mobile No More
Chevy Grille
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