The Fargo Street Hill Climb, Version 2010 by DaveWyman
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  2. The Fargo Street Hill Climb, Version 2010The Fargo Street Hill Climb, Version 2010
Kents Incredible 51st Ascent of Fargo Street Closes Off the Day
One of the Last Riders on the Hill
Age 64 - Made It!
Well Dressed Cyclist
Strong Rider
Darryl Levesque Forgot Something Up the Hill
Darryl LeVesque and Carol, his wife, were the first known tandem riders to conquer Fargo Street, in 1974.
Another Skater - Steven Goldmaker
Another Attempt by Ivan on a Flat Tire
Ivan Rides Alone on his Tandem (He Made It)
Kent Pulls Through the 33% Grade
Leon Halfon - Longtime Fargo Street Resident
Eric in Civic Minded Mode
Eric Cleans the Hills
Sporting the Colonel Allensworth Jersey
Fargo in Reflection
Ted - Cyclist Turned Cameraman for a Morning
Watching Riders Progress
ABC Cameraman
Rosalie Again
Rosalie and Riders (She Made 12 Ascents!)
A Man Alone
Wbere it Starts to Hurt
Yes, its That Steep
It Really Is a 33% Grade
Keep Spinning 2
Keep Spinning 1
Doug Again
ABC Cameraman
Kent - 51x Up Fargo Street!
Ready to Go
Rosalie Kneebone, after riding up Fargo, controlled the Flow of Riders up the Hill
Doug on One of his Ascents
One of Three Women to Attempt the Hill
A Lower Gear
Low Gear
More Action is Happening Up the Hill
One of his 30 Attempts
Tacking Up the Hill
One of Two Skaters (Both Made It)
Looking Strong
Dan Wyman - Record Holder - Has Ridden the Hill Most Years Since 1977, Longer Than Anyone Else
Eric Ostendorff
Eric is a regular on the Hill. His wife recently had twins. cutting deep into Eric's training time, but it didn't keep him from ascending Fargo Street.
Starting Strong
Next in Line
Its a Long Way Down
She Knows Something
The Crowd - and Channel 7 - Watches
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