The Glory of Yosemite - Spring, 2007 by DaveWyman
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  2. The Glory of Yosemite - Spring, 2007The Glory of Yosemite - Spring, 2007
At the Yosemite Water Works
Bridalveil Creek, Yosemite National Park
Bridalveil Creek, Yosemite
Bridalveil Creek, Yosemite
Fern Spring, Yosemite
Self Portrait in an Eyeball
My Portrait at Glacier Point - by Christine Krieg
It took a few minutes to set up this photograph. It's not an easy photograph to visualize, or make. Camera position and the position of the human subject have to be rather precise to place the person (me, in this case) within the face of Half Dome.
Ahwahnee Hotel in Reflection
Ahwahnee Bridge, Yosemite
The Ghost of Foresta - Yosemite
Half Dome Detail - Yosemite
Late Light Over Half Dome
Merced River
Looking for a Handout Near Curry Village
View for the Faithful - Yosemite Chapel
Yosemite Chapel and Yosemite Falls
Church of Dreams (Yosemite Chapel)
Bridalveil Fall in Double Reflection
Mary's lens and the window of the car behind her both reflect the plunging path of Bridalveil Fall.
Rainbow - Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite
Maelstrom - Bridalview Fall with a Rainbow
Free Fall
Cascade reek
Spider Web, Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite
In the Pioneer Cemetery
Bleeding Hearts, Ansel Adams Gallery
Big Leaf Maple
Big Leaf Maple
Dogwood Near Yosemite Lodge
Remains of a Dandelion
View from the Swinging Bridge
Bridalveil Fall
Yosemite Valley
The Glory of Yosemite
Yosemite Falls served as the backdrop as I balanced atop a granite boulder.
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