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Weathervane and Raven, Scottys Castle
Stairs, Scottys Castle
Old Bank Building, Rhyolite
Bottle House Interior
Peeking through a small hole in the board covering a window at the bottle house reveals the plaster inside the little building has fallen away.
Frank, the Docent at the Bottle House, Rhyolite
The Bottle House, built around the turn of the last century, is in Rhyolite, a ghost town of similar vintage, just outside the border of Death Valley. Trip co-leader, Christine Krieg, is just out of sight on the left of Frank, lighting half his face with a reflector.
Art Installation at Rhyolite
Christine Kreig becomes part of the art at an outdoor couch at Rhyolite. An eclectic collection of "art" pieces have appeared on the edge of the ghost town over the past few decades.
My very competent co-leader, photographer Christine Krieg, making photographs of the sand dunes.
Pup Fish Detail
Photographed at Tecopa, CA, southeast of Death Valley, as I made my way to Los Angeles from the national park. The pup fish, which look like guppies, are at most about an inch long.
Killdeer With Captured Pup Fish
Killdeer at Salt Creek
Mushroom Rock
Salt Patterns from 6,000 Feet Elevation
Death Valley View
Light & Shadow at Zabriskie Point
Waiting for the Light
Up-Close Photography
Creosote Bloom
Skull at Original Stovepipe Well
Severed Lizard Foot
One of our group found this foot, and drops of blood, at the base of a sand dune in Death Valley.
Mountains, Mud and Dunes in Black and White
Late Light
Tiny figures top the massive sand dunes in Death Valley.
Dawn over the Sand Dunes
Ripples below the Mountains
Sand Dunes & Mud Flats
Sand Dunes
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