Winter in Yosemite - 2008 by DaveWyman
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  2. Winter in Yosemite - 2008Winter in Yosemite - 2008
Barn, Big Meadow, Yosemite
Foresta Barn in Big Meadow
Bob Is Ready for His Close-Up, Foresta (Big Meadow), Yosemite
Bob at a Foresta Barn (Big Meadow), Yosemite
At Big Meadow, Yosemite National Park
Bus Window Reflection, Wawona Tunnel View
One day I'll bring along a step ladder to make it easier to find these refections in the various buses that each park for a few minutes
at Tunnel View.
Snowfall, Yosemite Chapel
Footprints, Yosemite Chapel
Face at the Window, Yosemite Chapel
Yosemite Chapel
Drinking Glass, Sugar Packets - Ahwahnee Hotel
The sugar packets were sitting in a container behind the glass.
Camera Enthusiast
Peeking into the Grand Sitting Room at the Ahwahnee Hotel
Playing a bit of voyeur, I looked through the window into the interior of the Ahwahnee Hotel.
Dinner Candle, Mountain Room, Yosemite Lodge
Ahwahnee Hotel - Fireplace
Tea Time, Ahwahnee Hotel
The Awhahnee Hotel
The Ahwahnee Hotel in Winter
Fence, Pioneer Cemetery, Yosemite
Icicle, Wawona Tunnel Light, Yosemite
The light, one of a few hundred, is on the ceiling of the mile-long Wawona Tunnel. The icicle hung just outside the opening of the tunnel.
Frozen Incense Cedar Needles, Yosemite
The red colors are reflections off a light inside the adjacent Wawona Tunnel.
Leaves Share a Kiss
Cascade Creek, Yosemite
To keep the surrounding rocks sharp, while blurring the water with a relatively long shutter speed, I balanced my camera on the edge of the bridge next to the creek.
Merced River, Yosemite Valley
Winter Scene, Yosemite Valley
Luck was with in Yosemite - it snowed the entire day on the first day of our visit.
Along the Merced River, Yosemite Valley
Merced River View, Yosemite Valley
View from The Ansel Adams Gallery
I love the view from the front porch of the Ansel Adams Gallery, in Yosemite Valley.
View from the Wawona Tunnel
Cathedral Rocks, Yosemite
Raven Feathers
Winter Ravens #2
Winter Ravens #1
Oil and Ice, Ahwahnee Hotel Parking Lot
As we made our way to our cars after breakfast, we glanced down to discover a cornucopia of colors and shapes in the icy parking lot at the Ahwahnee Hotel
Plastic Rose, Snow - Yosemite Pioneer Cemetery
Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite Valley
Ice formed the previous night surrounds Bridalveil Fall.
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