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Southwest Storm Clouds
Fisher Towers Area
Storm Clouds over Fisher Towers
The View from The Red Cliffs Lodge
Canyon View
Still Life
Wooden Arch at Arches National Park
North Window Arch, Arches National Park
The Fiery Furnace from Afar
The Fiery Furnace, Arches National Park
Leaves, Arches National Park
Still Life at Arches National Park
Mormon Tea
Last View of Arches National Park
View from the Red Cliffs Lodge
After the Storm
Southwest Tower Emerges from the Sun
Winter Sneaks Up on Autumn
Storm Clouds Over the Southwest
In the Canyon of Dreams
Road Reflection
Newspaper Rock
Native Americans have left their mark for perhaps ten centuries on this rock wall.
Rocks Along the Bank of the Salt River
San Juan River Scene
Reflections at Sand Creek, Monument Valley
Moonset Over the Totem Poles, Monument Valley
The Totem Poles - Dawn over Monument Valley
Monument Valley and Beyond, from My Hotel Balcony - 4:54 a.m.
Monument Valley Buttes and Towers
View into Monument Valley
At the Edge of Mitchell Mesa, Monument Valley
The West Mitten, Monument Valley
Storm Light over the Monument Valley Parking Lot
The Road to Monument Valley
Iron Insect
Grass and Power Tower Near Kayenta, Arizona
The tower has, to my eye, the look of a figure out of an Anasazi petroglyph.
Landscape Near Kayenta, Arizona
An ancient core of a long-dead volcano, a tower carrying power lines to the west, and a discarded tire tell the story and the rise and fall of nature and civilization.
Culvert on the Way to Goosenecks State Park
Dried Out Plants and a Dried Out Junker
Near the Twin Rock Trading Post, in Bluff, Utah.
Cactus Jelly at the Wonderful Cameron Trading Post
The trading post, east of the Grand Canyon, offers what seems like acres of space offering jewelry, clothing, blankets, groceries, general merchandise, great meals in the tin-roofed restaurant, and plenty of Cactus Jelly.
Detail #2, Wupatki Ruins
Detail, Wupatki Ruins
Mormon Tea Reaches Skyward at the Wupatki Ruins
The Wupatki Ruins - there are actually several sets of ruins - lie northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona, and not too far from massive Sunset Crater. Humans probably moved into the area not long after the eruption, in the 11th Century AD.

Sometimes I don't need to photograph an overall scene. And I didn't want to this day, because skies were gray, which I think made a poor backdrop for the ruins Instead, I concentrated on closer subjects. Most of the time at Wupatki, l employed a borrowed 180mm f/2.8 lens.
The Wupatki Ruins, Arizona
The Natural Architecture of Monument Valley
Navajo at Monument Valley
A rearward view of Tom Phillips, our guide in Monument Valley.
His Last Day on the Ranch
We spied a young cowboy - from Ohio - on his last day at work at a resort along the Colorado River. He graciously assented to being photographed by our group. Soon he would be back to Ohio.
Docent, With Wupatki Ruins Visible in her Glasses
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