Mule Pack to the High Sierra by DaveWyman
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McGee Creek Lodge, where Kathy and I stayed the night before the trip.
Morning light over the canyon we would ascend, with the pack station in the shade..
Wranger at McGee Creek Lodge.
The pack station dog, part Great Pyrenees, was quite friendly.
Our mules wait for our gear.
We begin our trek.
We enter a forest, taking us out of the dry terrain at the bottom of the canyon.
Kathy deals with some water flowing over the trail.
We made our first stream crossing.
There was an early autumn show of color.
Aspen leaves.
Beaver lodge.
Aspen trunk chewed by a beaver.
Second stream crossing.
Narrow bridge.
Mountain Asters along the trail.
Flowers along the creek.
Flowers along McGee Creek.
A Columbine and an aphid.
The view from our lunch stop.
Checking the map at lunch.
Packers pass by us as we have lunch.
The lead packer.
There goes the ice cream.
Mules on the dusty trail.
A Yosemite Tree Toad isnt happy with my cameras lens.
We are close to our camp.
Our gear was unloaded before we arrived.
Ron looks for a good campsite.
Kathy relaxes before we set up our tent.
Ranger Mike Rodman paid us a visit.
The mules packed in ice cream on dry ice.
Ice cream with toppings were a fitting reward for our long hike.
Afternoon light from our tent.
Kathy, our kitchen and tent, which we set up on a rock pedestal, the next morning.
My breakfast: a pork chop with dried cranberries and raisins.
The next day, some of us hike for a view above the lake.
Big McGee Lake.
Pano view of Big McGee Lake.
Kathy at the lake, a giant rock fall beyond.
A close look at Mountain Gentian.
Sunlight shines through black glass – obsidian.
Obsidian flake left by Native Americans a long time ago.
Grasshopper in camo mode.
Karen with a Kindle.
A chipmunk surveys its kingdom.
Flowers near camp.
Tarn near camp.
The lake early in the morning.
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