Sierra Nevada East Side - Autumn, 2006 by DaveWyman
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Ghost Lights - The True Gold of Bodie
Just as our photography group was about to leave Bodie, we spotted lights, golden lights, shining into the dusk, seemingly from the interior of a row of old buildings. It was as if the spirits in this ghost town were preparing to settle in for a long autumn night.
The Ghost of Bodie
There are stories about ghosts in Bodie. Are they true? We used a special, one shot camera technique to capture this ghostly image.
Old Coffee Can in the Bodie General Store
Gas Pump, Bodie
Desktop Word Processor
Old Globe, Bodie School
Bottles in the Bar, Bodie
Old Wagon Wheel, Bodie
Wagon Wheels, Bodie
Wagon Wheel, Bodie
Wagon in Reflection
View of Bodie in the General Store Window
Bodie Window Reflection
Window Reflection, Bodie
Bodie School
First Light at Bodie
Afternoon Light at Mono Lake
The Sun Uncovered
Mono Lake Towers
Tufa In Reversed Reflection
Tufa in Reflection
Early Morning Light over Tufa Towers at Mono Lake
Soft Light on Aspens along the June Lake Loop
Yes, there is something sad about autumn - the Sun will soon cede much of its power, and the long night of the winter season will hold sway over the landscape. Yet almost paradoxically, here at the base of the mighty Sierra Nevada, autumn is one of the happiest times of the year, returing to delight us again and again and again, as long as there is an Earth.
Road Shot - June Lake Loop
Leaf Underwater - Abstract #2
Leaves Underwater - Abstract #1
Backlit Dogwood
On Golden Pond
Unnamed Cascade in Lee Vining Canyon
Fishing for Reflections
Will Someone Please Help Me Up!
Damn - I'm old! I seem to dropped a lot of my own leaves as I approach the final season of my life. A little touch of age-related back pain made it a bit difficult to crouch down to make this photo, and even more difficult to stand again. But age is relative, and I will probably have a few falls left in me be before I lay down my cameras for the long winter.
Aspens in Lee Vining Canyon
June Lake Loop
Variety within one season: one group of aspens have completely lost their leaves, while those above are in high color - together the create a beautiful image of the meaning of autumn: change.
Gail and Robin Along the June Lake Loop
A Visible Sense of Change
Autumn puts on a show in Lee Vining Canyon, a few miles and several thousand feet below the crest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
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