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End of the Road
Golden Creek
We found this little creek flowing along and under Highway 182, leading from the town of Bridgeport into Nevada.
Reflection along Highway 182
Back Light
Plants and Spider Webs
On close inspection of the bottom of the reservoir, we found a collection of odd plants, many of them strung together with spider webs.
Bridgeport Reservoir
Bridgeport Reservoir
We began our photography a few miles out of the town we were staying in, Bridgeport, California. What at first appeared to be a dried-up reservoir turned out to be a rich harvest of colors.
Weathered Wood Near Tioga Pass
Along Highway 120, near Tioga Pass
A small, colorful and quietly burbling flow of water issued from a boulder field.
Waterfall near Tioga Pass, Yosemite
Curt and Stacy led our group to one of the waterfalls visible near Tioga Pass. This one was surrounded by chunks of ice that probably measured six feet in height.
Aspen Near Silver Lake (on the June Lake Loop)
Sometimes it pays to look up while wandering through the woods.
Oak and Aspen
Mono Lake in Reflection, Flipped
First Light at Mono Lake
Early Morning Over Mono Lake
Sunset Over Mono Lake
We had to wait for sunset to present its true colors.
Silhouetted Tufa, Mono Lake
Late Afternoon Llight, Mono Lake
I commanded my camera to emphasize the turning color in the sky as evening drew near.
Detail, Mono Lake
Late Light, Mono Lake
Mono Lake - AFternoon
Keeping an Eye Out
Cascade in Lee Vining Canyon
Lee Vining Canon Cascade
A 1/6th to 1/8th second exposure is usually enough to give a nice sense of blur to water.
Warm Colors in Lee Vining Canyon
Setting the camera in "Shade" mode warmed up what was, in Suto White Balance, a rather blue and green photograph.
Lee Vining Canyon
In Lee Vining Canyon
We found some good color in Lee Vining Canyon.
Autumn Color near the mouth of Lundy Canyon
Along the June Lake Loop
The white smear on the mountain in the background is Horsetail Falls (also known as Rush Creek Falls).
Great Pyrenees
Great Pyrenees - Guard Dog
He keeps the sheep safe near the ghost town of Bodie.
Sheep Drive
Peruvian Shepherd
Basque Shepherd - the Boss
The owner of the sheep - originally from Spain and up from Bakersfield, on the opposite side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains - spent the afternoon herding and inoculating his sheep from disease. He danced and shouted and mouthed funny sounds to move the sheep into a corral. He waved a cattle prod in his hand, which he used liberally once the sheep were in a pen.
End of the Rainbow
Things Are Looking Up In Bodie
Delapidated House in a Ghost Town
Reflection of the Church
Old House
Window View
Coffee Grinder, Bodie
Stairs, Bodie
Roulette Chips, Bodie
Roulette Wheel, Bodie
Bodie Ghost
Just one photograph, no double exposures, no manipulation in Photoshop. Do YOU believe in ghosts?
Starlings and Moon Atop a Church Steeple
Having a fair amount of experience with travel and nature photography, I'm often attuned to the nuances of objects both near and far in a scene. That was the case here, when I realized I could put the church steeple and birds in close juxtaposition with the moon.

When I showed some of those in our group what I had photographed, by letting them look at the LCD on the back of my camera, they found the image revelatory. They had looked out at what I looked out at, and then, simply for lack of experience, had failed to see what I saw. Soon enough, with a little practice of their own, they were learning to carve out their own vision of the world around them.
Methodist Church, Ghost Town of Bodie
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