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Malibu Magic Hour
I've spent a few days exploring the bluffs above Pacific Coast Highway, trying to find some of the unique ways an iPhone - or any camera in a cell phone - can envision the world. That vision includes capturing amazing beams of light and plenty of depth of field. I think those attributes were put to good use in this photo. I've discovered the ability to capture these rays of light, and to make them go where I want them to as they stream across a landscape depends on the angle of the sun. Success can also depend, at least in the case of the iPhone, on whether the camera is in the vertical or horizontal position. There's one more important element that can work for and against the photographer who wants to include these special beams of light. That element is time. It goes by quickly at the beginning and the end of the day. That's when the beams are easiest to see and photograph. But time early and late in the day seems to slip quickly away, and the beams slip away, too.
Beam Me Up! - An Alternate Vision of Reality
I recently pedaled my bike to the top of a paved road in Malibu, California, above the Pacific Ocean. I made a photo with the camera in my cell phone. I've discovered the tiny lens in the camera is good at seeing what I can't with my eyes: bright beams of light that peek out from the corners and edges of things, like trees and clouds and boulders. I decided to incorporate one of the beams into this photograph.. I'm sure some people will see these light rays as distractions. I think of them as another way to experience reality, similar to the way wide-angle and telephoto lenses change our view of the world. Now that I know they're waiting for me and my cell phone camera to find them, I'm on the lookout for these magical manifestations of electro-magnetism.
Early Morning Ride on a Tandem
A couple team up on their tandem at the start of the "Wildflower Century," in Chico, California. The ride takes cyclists into the Sierra Nevada Mountains and out across the Great Central Valley of California.
Napping - Oceanside, California
Using the burst mode on my iPhone let me make 22 images, from take-off to landing, of an acrobatic young man. He made his amazing leaps look as easy as taking a nap. Actually, he made about a dozen leaps and this is one of my favorite photos of the dozens I made.
Waimoku Falls - A Fisheye View of Paradise
It doesn't hurt to look up in Paradise. Too see it this way, though, you'll need a very wide-angle lens.
Present at the Dawn of Creation
Haleakala Crater - Island of Maui, Hawaii Each day the world renews itself at sunrise. Nowhere is that more apparent than 10,000 feet above sea level at the summit of massive Haleakala, known as "House of the Sun" to Hawaiians. I brought a fine camera with me to document the new day. However, I was lucky enough to make this image, with its unexplained bolt of light, with my cell phone. The photograph has come to mean more to me than a photo of dawn. I think of it like life itself, which contains for each of us periods of light and dark and which can take us up to high summits as well as send us into deep valleys.
Ducks at the Hollywood Reservoir - Los Angeles
The Hollywood Reservoir is less than ten minutes from Hollywood Blvd. Yet it's and unknown by most Angelenos. On a Sunday visit, I had about 2 seconds to raise my camera to my eye, find and focus on the ducks, and press the shutter.
Sunset Over Malibu, California
A night vantage point offered me a view of the Southern California coastline. Many attributes define as as human. We can make tools, we are self-aware, we have language. Surely we are also human because of our ability to enjoy a beautiful sunset.
Magic Light, Prismatic Light!
I'm not sure what caused the rainbow effect in the beam of light at Stoneman Meadow, in Yosemite. Could I have seen it with my naked eye, or was it caused in some weird way by my lens?
A Mosquito and My Arm in Yosemite
Sometimes I like to photograph mosquitos in action. I use my own arm, hand or leg and either let the little creature finish what it started, or gently blow it away. I made this photo with my little digicam, which has a terrific macro mode.
Under the Heavens, Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite
Sam Chin and I made some night photos during a Yosemite Conservancy outing in late July, 2014
Droning On Beneath the 6th Street Bridge
Sometimes it's quiet beneath the 6th Street Bridge, just east of downtown Los Angeles. Sometimes there are people just hanging around, with nothing better to do than climb the lampposts and watch themselves, as a drone records their derring-do. That was the case a few days ago when two of us brought our cameras with us to see what was up – literally – below the bridge. I like this photo. Exposure and composition had to be made on the fly, so to speak. The look is monumentally urban, and the scene calls to mind King Kong atop the Empire State Building. (Actually, we'd happened upon a video shoot.) By the way, if you'd like a private tour of Los Angeles with me for a few hours or a day, or to join me on my next scheduled tour of the city, contact me.
A Mystical Moment Of Reflection
A colorful landscape, ghostly figures and strange architectural elements are blended in reflection in window glass at the edge of Monument Valley, part of the vast territory of the Navajo Nation of the American Southwest. This may not be my best photo. However, it's one of my favorites, because it's an image that was right in front of me that would not ordinarily be accessible to the normal visual and photographic process. I've trained myself, though, to look for reflections, and this one has a dream-like quality to it, a sort of Image Quest dimension dimension, if you will.
Looking at the Palisades Glacier, Sierra Nevada Mountains
The glacier was in retreat in 2007, when I made this photograph. I'd like to go back and see what conditions are like, especially after years of drought in California, and rising global temperatures.
The Welder
Photographed at Tom's Welding and Machine Shop, Barstow, California
Heron with it's Dinner
This great blue heron at Point Reyes National Seashore sat motionless against the tall, green stalks, facing at a right angle from us, seeming to look into the expanse of Abbot Lagoon. Then it turned and walked just into the stalks, motionless again for at least a couple of minutes. Then, in an eye blink, it struck at something in the dark beyond it, and jerking back, revealed to us the prey in its beak. Struggling mightily, the snake fought against its inevitable fate, coiling and uncoiling, wrapping and unwrapping itself around the beak of the heron. At some point, the large bird managed to tilt up its beak and swallow the head of the snake. Soon the rest of the slithery reptile followed.
Leader of the Pack
A great pyrenees leads a herd of sheep along Highway 395, along the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.
Sea Lion Yawn - Near San Simeon, California
The sea lion may have been bored, but I wasn't, as I zoomed in on my subject with a telephoto lens.
Honeymoon Arch, Mystery Valley, Arizona
The Night Sky Above Monument Valley
With a DSLR, it's usually possible to see the night sky, dimly, through the viewfinder, and frame a photo. For this photo, I used a 30mm f/2.8 lens, wide open, on a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera, which doesn't have an optical viewfinder. Seeing with an electronic viewfinder in the dark is almost impossible. So I had to make a few practice shots to get the composition I wanted of innumerable stars above a sandstone butte. The butte was illuminated by the lights of Gouldings Lodge, where I was staying with my photo group, 50 yards behind me.
Sandscape – Death Valley
Tromping out over the sand well before dawn, my friends and I chose a ridge with a commanding view of the dunes that surrounded us. The stars faded and the sun rose above a bank of clouds to reveal a golden dreamscape, full of sensuous forms created by the interplay of light and shadow. (More photographs from the same trip can be found by clicking on the "Death Valley 2008 gallery." )
Sunset Over the Italian Alps
Photo made from my accommodations at the Rifufio Garibladi, a fantastic mountain lodge above Stelvio Pass, on the Italian–Swiss border.
The Route Down Stelvio Pass
My brother Dan and I had spent a good portion of our days biking up this road that leads to the top of Stelvio Pass, on the Italian–Swiss border. It's considered one of premier roads in the world for cyclists, motorcyclists and people who like to drive their cars up and down 48 hairpin curves. This is the view of upper portion of the road and we were about to begin our descent.
The Road to Liberty, Idaho
Teton Dawn Over the Moulton Barn
Photographed at Grand Teton National Park. The historic barn is well over a century old.
A muddy puddle provided a unique viewpoint for a reflection of the Tetons, in Wyoming. Also required: stretching out on my stomach to be able to first see the photo (which I could guess from prior experience was waiting for me) and then make it.
The Good Life
A cowboy, his horse, and a Corona! Photographed on a relaxing Sunday northeast of Bakersfield, California.
Far Enough at Coal Mine Canyon!
Not a lot of people venture to Coal Mine Canyon and not too many edge out on this overhanging rock. Photo by Dave Wyman (Chris Clare.)
Navajos Enjoy Dawn at Monument Valley
Carlos and Carl Philips were our guides in Monument Valley, taking us in at down. Everyone photographed the amazing landscape in front of us. I decided to turn around for a moment with my iPhone for a different view.
Adoration - Robert F. Kennedy
Robert F. Kennedy was in California to campaign for Governor Pat Brown - the father of Governor Jerry Brown. The elder Brown was soundly trouced by Ronald Reagan and the rest, as they say, is history. Robert Kennedy would go on to campaign for President in 1968, as an anti-Vietnam War candidate, two years after this photograph was made. He was assassinated in the Ambassador Hotel, in Los Angeles, the night he won the California primary. Had Sirhan Sirhan, a politically motivated and I would say deranged Palestinian, not been successful, we might be living in a far differet, and I would like to think more peaceful, world.
Foggy Night in Los Angeles
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Malibu Magic Hour Beam Me Up! - An Alternate Vision of Reality Early Morning Ride on a Tandem Napping - Oceanside, California Waimoku Falls - A Fisheye View of Paradise Present at the Dawn of Creation Ducks at the Hollywood Reservoir - Los Angeles Sunset Over Malibu, California pod2_(1) Magic Light, Prismatic Light! A Mosquito and My Arm in Yosemite Under the Heavens, Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite Droning On Beneath the 6th Street Bridge A Mystical Moment Of Reflection Looking at the Palisades Glacier, Sierra Nevada Mountains The Welder Heron with it's Dinner Leader of the Pack Sea Lion Yawn - Near San Simeon, California Honeymoon Arch, Mystery Valley, Arizona The Night Sky Above Monument Valley Sandscape – Death Valley Sunset Over the Italian Alps The Route Down Stelvio Pass The Road to Liberty, Idaho Teton Dawn Over the Moulton Barn DoubleVision The Good Life Far Enough at Coal Mine Canyon! Navajos Enjoy Dawn at Monument Valley Adoration - Robert F. Kennedy
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